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Imagine getting a notification confirming a change to your account, or worse, that you just redeemed your hard earned points and miles, when you didn’t. That’s what happened to Andy Luten from Andy’s Travel Blog recently when his American Airlines AAdvantage account was hacked and over 140,000 miles were stolen! This week he shared with Ed the steps one needs to take to ensure justice is served and your points and miles are returned!

Jen Yellen from Deals We Like has a great offer for anyone who is a frequent Amtrak rider. Their newest promo can score you a free RT ticket with as little as three paid rides! Last but not least, we welcome Nick Ewen from The Points Guy for a lively discussion on why he’s sticking with Marriott in 2019.

Show Notes & Links

Andy’s blog post on his hacked AAdvantage account

Jen’s blog post on Amtrak’s newest promo

Nick’s blog post on sticking with Marriott in 2019

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