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Travel Tips, News & Reviews You Can’t Afford to Miss!

About Miles to Go

Hosted by road warrior and travel expert Ed Pizza, the Miles to Go podcast serves up travel tips, news and reviews you can’t afford to miss! Whether you’re a points and miles newbie looking to book a dream vacation or you log 100k + miles a year and want the low down on new properties routes and planes, we’re bringing you the world’s top travel experts and bloggers to share their knowledge and insights with you.


A Road Warrior’s Look At United Airlines With Zach Honig

This week, Zach Honig from The Points Guy, joins Ed to chat all about Premier 1k, United Airlines' top elite status level. As part of a series discussing top status levels of the "Big 3", they dig into the perks and benefits they find valuable and why Zach leans to...

Maximize Your Miles and Points Earning!

When it comes to keeping track of credit card balances, points, promotions, offers and more, sometimes it can feel like too much! Especially if you're not exactly great with spreadsheets like today's guest, Zac Hood. That's why he created Travel Freely! We're joined...

All About Marriott Bonvoy Changes: Good, Bad & Ugly

Marriott Bonvoy: Love it, hate it or love to hate it, it seems we all have a complicated relationship. Summer Hull AKA Mommy Points from The Points Guy is back to discuss important upcoming changes to the program! That's right - there's some big changes (that we've...

Deep Dive Into Delta Elite Status & Big New CC Sign-up Bonus

On this week's episode, Jen Yellin from Deals We Like is back to chat all about the newest IHG credit card promotion! Tune in to hear how to easily earn and best "burn" 125,000 points - the best ever ever sign up bonus they've offered! Darren Murph from The Points...

What’s In Your Wallet And SFO Runs Out of Water

This week, Julian Kheel from The Points Guy joins Ed for a raucous conversation all about credit cards. Tune in to hear the gents dive into not just Julian's wallet but a ziplock bag full of cards to find out the what, how and why behind some of them. The Final Two...

Breaking Down Recent Citi And AMEX Negative Changes

There's been quite a few big announcements over the last few weeks from Citi and AMEX. Gary Leff from View from the Wing joins Ed to walk through what this all means. He shares insight behind why these changes are happening, such as Citi dropping all travel...