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A big thank you to our sponsor Thrifty Traveler. Use the code GO10 to save $10 off an annual subscription.

Thrifty Traveler searches every day for the best airfare deals using cash and miles/points. They send out instant e-mail alerts as well as text messages for their “Nerd Alerts”. They’ve also launched a new hotel alert service where you can find the best deals using hotel points at some of the best properties worldwide.

Richard made the smart choice to ditch us this week and hang out with his family at Disney World. That means we’re stuck with Julian Kheel, founder of Points Path, stepping up to the microphone to fill in. We wanted to know what was in Julian’s wallet and also figure out what the latest details are regarding Points Path. Julian has added a ton of new features since the last time he was on the show.

We also get Julian’s thoughts on American Airlines’ flight attendants turning down a big raise and doubling down on a potential strike during the summer travel season.

Lastly, we’re taking a look at some comments from United Airlines CEO, Scott Kirby, that have definitely raised some eyebrows.

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