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Ed Pizza: All right, let's hope these microphones are good enough. Let's turn that down. Talk one more time for me.

Richard Kerr: Talking one more time into Ed's fancy microphone thing. Is it working?

Ed Pizza: Yeah, story of my life.
Wow, you are so much less nerdy in person than you are on the podcast.

Richard Kerr: I've got some ways. Take a picture of that, Beth before the end of the night.

Ed Pizza: Yeah, you didn't realize it would be me at the start.

Speaker 5: Climb a board. This is the Miles to Go podcast your source for the latest in travel news, reviews and strategies you can't afford to miss. And now here's your host travel expert and road warrior Ed Pizza.

Ed Pizza: Hey guys. Welcome back to the Miles to Go podcast. I am in new Orleans and Richard Kerr is across the room for me on the couches. We sit in the Eliza Jane ever so slightly hungover, voice is gone from a long day at the Freddy awards, which was more, more the work and the talking and loud crowds than consuming too much alcohol. How are you doing this morning, man?

Richard Kerr: Actually pretty good, man, my old age, I tempered myself last night, but then we just everybody's here together for the first time in three years, so we just didn't get very much sleep other than I feel pretty good actually.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. What time did you get up? So I got three hours, three and a half, maybe.

Richard Kerr: I definitely got about four and a half.

Ed Pizza: Yeah, you slept longer. Yeah.

Richard Kerr: Yeah, I definitely did.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. So we are going to dive into the Freddy's, but I just want to make sure that I can take the hair out of Mr. Kerr balloon as soon as humanly possible. And just call out that we had a listener Aaron who showed up last night. It's the after party to the after, after party. And I'll even give you your moment, so you can repeat for us the absolute line of the night from our listener.

Richard Kerr: I'm not going to say that. And Aaron's listening, so shout out to Aaron. I'm not you say it.

Ed Pizza: She super sweet person, a big fan of both Richard and I, so definitely needs to find better heroes, but turned to me at one point after having the chance to meet both of us. And she said, "Wow, you are so much less nerdy in person than you are on the podcast." So for everybody listening out there, apparently some of you think that I'm a nerd, how many, we need to poll on how many people think of a nerd.

Richard Kerr: Oh man, that was hilarious when she said that. And I think again, Aaron, I know you're listening, that was awesome, like she got a little embarrassed after us. She saw how hard I started laughing. That was awesome.

Ed Pizza: So now that you've got exactly one Freddy award in the books, what were your impressions after not making it the last five times you were writing.

Richard Kerr: Oh man. The venue was a tease I wanted to go around. So was at the world war II national museum here in new Orleans. And I wanted to go around and look at all this stuff, but sitting underneath the old world war II planes, hanging from the ceiling and having the majority of the largest loyalty programs in one place and doing an award show after now three years, three years removed from when I was supposed to go, I thought it was awesome. I love the format of the Freddy's. I love how you guys divided up by region winners, so that it's a lot more fair, having these far east programs, can't compete against those here in America, just because of exposure and the way you guys do weighted voting. And that it's a hundred percent, how many, 2.5 million votes?

Ed Pizza: 2.5 million. So down a little bit from our peak in 2019, but, but pretty close. So it was pretty amazing to think that after a two year hiatus of voting and a three year hiatus of in person, that we were still able to get two and a half million individual humans to vote. And I think to your point, one of the things that originally attracted me to the Freddy awards, when I started volunteering, gosh, over a decade ago, was that this really is just you and I have the exact same weight in the voting as two other random people out there, it we're, we all get one vote and we vote for the programs we like, there's no expert panels, no judges, none of that stuff.
It's really just whoever can get their members to vote for them, which some people think is a popularity contest. But I think the normal example I see of this, it happened year after year. It didn't happen this year, but for years, Marriott would win say like, program of the year, but Hyatt would win best elite program because their members were coming out hard saying like, we don't believe there's any other program that treats their elite members better than, than were treated by Hyatt, so.

Richard Kerr: I think tap Portugal showing last night with how many Freddy's did they get?

Ed Pizza: Oh my gosh. Yeah. I lost count six, seven.

Richard Kerr: That's not a popularity contest, that's legitimate people like all the stuff that they're doing. And it was a good reminder for me. I mean, I've seen them in the news a whole lot more this year than I typically have, but what they went was promotion, all kinds of stuff that was like, the voters voted on this, it wasn't, tap Portugal was not the most popular airliner program by any means, but it, people were recognizing the work they were doing, so that was cool. She was, I think the nice lady from dad Portugal, did she fly from Portugal to be here last night?

Ed Pizza: She flew from Portugal just for this, but what was even more hilarious is she had a split ticket. So she had two separate itineraries. She had a flight to Newark this morning, and then she was connecting on the afternoon, Newark, Portugal, tap flight. And so she was worried because she just did carry on baggage, so awesome job team carry on, but she didn't want a chance now checking a bag and having to retrieve it in Newark between two separate itineraries and still make her flight, which is absolutely the correct-

Richard Kerr: Solo and Freddy awards into it, right. So now she has the Jacob bag to carry all those things. They were, they were-

Ed Pizza: They're heavy. Yeah.

Richard Kerr: They were big.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. I have significant back pain from lifting them, but we will be sending them to them. And it's funny because I think so when we got off the stage, Scott McCartney was our MC last night. And for those who don't know, Scott McCartney wrote the middle seat column for the wall street journal for super long time. I've always loved that column, and I love Scott personally. And he comes over to me because he's really interesting, there were two airlines that were the most, that caused the outraged during the pandemic for treating their customers poorly because of refunds. And they were Air Canada and Tap Portugal, both of who did very well last night, which I think is also another nod to this, like it's not just a popularity contest. Air Canada had to turn it around and put out a good program, and they did. And Tap is really kicking ass with their members in Europe.

Richard Kerr: Yeah, man, it was so airplane won two. I think they won best promotion, best promotion you had when they sold airplane miles for like ridiculously dirt cheap in the pandemic, still a huge fan of airplane. I think that was well deserved. And it was cool to meet Randy from airplane who had never met in person with down here, which was the other cool part of the Freddy's is seeing all these people that I haven't seen that I used to work with all the time at the points guy, the PR and the coms folks, but also the program people and then seeing some of our partners like American airlines had eight people there, I think last night and getting to see all of them. Like, it's just so good to see everybody in person again, who I haven't seen in two years plus, so that was super cool. So if you ever had the opportunity to attend the Freddy's, I don't know how you guys usually do it. Do you all ever open up like random slots to like flyer talk members or-

Ed Pizza: Just depends on the year, yeah. I mean it really, so this year we were really constrained. It was specifically kept smaller because of COVID because we wanted to try and be, we tried, there was this balance between, having everybody there and trying to be safe and should we mask, should we not mask all that stuff, so this was a complicated year and one of the best ways to keep it less complicated was just not to make it a 300 person event, so.

Richard Kerr: Yeah, no, that's fair. And then behind the curtain a little bit that Wells Fargo was a title sponsor.

Ed Pizza: Yep.

Richard Kerr: And they had this lounge that they set up for before and after that room was incredible. So that-

Ed Pizza: Speakeasy was-

Richard Kerr: Yeah. If you guys and gals haven't been to the national world II museum, there's this little theater kind of speakeasy thing, we walked in and had a bathtub full of beer, like iced beers and like, that was just really well done. I thought that was just such a cool venue. And then, I mean, shout out to Wells Fargo and everything that they continued to do in their car business and getting their name out there for this was the first time that they sponsored their Freddy's, right.

Ed Pizza: Wells. Yeah. I mean, obviously we know Dan and Nicole, but yeah. And, and I was in that bathtub before you got a beer out of it.

Richard Kerr: Saw a picture. Yeah. I wiped my beer off.

Ed Pizza: Good call.

Richard Kerr: It was, I thought somebody was going to take a picture in that bathtub before the end of the night.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. You didn't realize it would be me at the start.

Richard Kerr: Well it was perfect, and then on the way out, it was just a bunch of roadies so like we filled our, all the beers were the bad thing.
And in New Orleans it's open containers. So you walk out and we walk back to the hotel and we all cracked a beer walking back. And it was just a really cool setting down here being at the Eliza Jane, where we're at now and being walking distance to the venue, like you guys did a great job just setting this whole atmosphere up. And I got to spend some time just, I spent three and a half, four hours just walking around New Orleans yesterday morning. There's French quarter festival going on right now, it's all bunch of cool stuff. So I really wish I could actually stay for the weekend. The PGA tours in town here doing their tournament.

Ed Pizza: I heard that-

Richard Kerr: There would be a ton to do man.

Ed Pizza: A bunch of golf clubs coming in, coming off the belt in the airport at the Lowe's hotel the other day, or a bunch of folks walking in with big bags.

Richard Kerr: That's where all the fancy people stay.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. Worthy last game, but I will say shout out to the Hyatt folks that were here at the Freddy's, a lot of, my folks that I hadn't met in person as you and I say so often we are, big fans of Hyatt, but turns out that they are big fans of the podcast because they came over and they asked if they could take a picture with me.
And I started talking about the podcast and they interrupted me like, oh no, no, no. We know we listen to you guys every week. So, shout out to Caitlin and Natalie and all the other folks from Hyatt that were there last night. Emmett, I know I'm forgetting some names. I apologize, but super awesome. See you guys there. So shout out to Hyatt and shout out to Windham who was walking down the hallway and I mentioned to them that we did an episode on them last weekend, we were talking, I was saying that I, felt like they had sort of edged away in front of Marriott, and Rob from Windham was like, hold on, hold on. Let me hit the record button. I didn't, I just said that out to our team.

Richard Kerr: I was sitting at the bar here in the Eliza Jane yesterday, which again, the other fun part of these events is somebody walks by, you always know somebody, you can go up. And I think it was Caitlyn from Hyatt who had never met in person.

Ed Pizza: Yep.

Richard Kerr: She came up and introduced herself to me and Gary. And she was like, Richard, I knew you from your picture. And I was like, oh, did I have hair? Like in an old screenshot? She's like, no, no, you were bald in my briefing book. I was like, you guys made a briefing book to see, so that cracked me up. It was awesome to have people come up and say, Hey and all that good stuff, man. So again, awesome event. And I know the work that you and Gary put in was just ridiculously. I told Gary last night, I was like the stuff that y'all accomplish in a day, like I could never get done of the stuff y'all get done. So well done, awesome event. And then everybody go to to see the winners.

Ed Pizza: All the winners are there. Pictures will be up in a few days. There'll be some fun ones. I think the picture to look for was my high point of the night, which was my, as you show eloquently, put it my Oscars fail. So I got halfway through announcing the wrong winner and Corbit from Southwest was magnanimous enough to play tug of war with the trophy in front of the step and repeat with me later on.

Richard Kerr: That was awesome. It definitely announced the wrong winner because they had the screen behind him that popped the winner up and it said the wrong thing. You did it so smooth though that I thought you were purposely doing a joke. And then I was like, oh no, he actually said the wrong thing, and I started laughing.

Ed Pizza: Yep. Yep. So I want to talk a little bit, we dug in deep on IHG one rewards and they were here last night, which was great. And we said, we were going to talk a little bit about the credit card, a brief segue too, just for folks who are a long time listers, a small group of you that will know part of why I'm still in New Orleans and Richard leaving is that we are finally having a celebration of life for our friend will, that we lost a couple years ago. And I think this is just one of those things that I think really brings home the pandemic. I was there right after will passed away with his widow. And she came up to me yesterday and gave me a big hug. And that was when we both realized that we had not seen each other in person in two years.
And so you talked about the Freddy awards and all that stuff. And there were people there last night that I hadn't seen for three years. So it's so good to feel that part of travel coming back and while it's a little bit of a sadness for today, I think celebration really describes how I felt last night in the room, like seeing people I've seen you a number of times, but there's, and I don't need to see you anymore, but there's so many people in that room-

Richard Kerr: I don't need to see me anymore.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. Right. So sorry. So let's talk, IHG premier card. And so this card was, it was in your wallet before.

Richard Kerr: Yeah.

Ed Pizza: Okay.

Richard Kerr: And you're keeping it.
I've held onto every year because it was just the annual fee.

Ed Pizza: Yep.

Richard Kerr: Covered the free night that you got the free night certificate every year, so there was no reason to close it. If you get 89 bucks, you get the free night.

Ed Pizza: Yeah.

Richard Kerr: Every year. So I held onto it and it worked out and now it's even better. I mean, with all the changes that they made. So yeah, keep holding it. The major changes to me are that free night certificate that used to be capped at 40,000 points. You can now top up with points. So it's basically unlimited. crosstalk

Ed Pizza: Yeah. You're definitely getting a full 40,000 points.

Richard Kerr: And you get that every year. The annual fees only going up 10 bucks to 99 bucks, which if I can do an uncap, a free night certificate, essentially within 99 bucks a year, well worth holding onto it. But you get platinum status, which platinum status in the new IHG one rewards. IHG rewards one, which what-

Ed Pizza: IHG one rewards. Yeah.

Richard Kerr: I can. I keep switching back forth actually had some tangible benefits at the platinum levels. So if you're paying 99 bucks for that and you're going to do some full service IHG is great. Fourth night free on awards stays. Now you get 25 bucks in United credit into your travel bank twice a year. They do have global entry, TSA, precheck, and all that stuff, if you don't have that from anywhere else, but 20% on point purchases. And unfortunately you can't combine that with any of discounts that they do, but there are other creative ways to buy IHG points and then they up some of the bonus categories, so five points per dollar on gas stations travel in restaurants. So some big perks there for 99 bucks in that free tonight certificates going to be pretty clutch, very easily continue to hold onto this card.

Ed Pizza: So I have some questions for you. And I am not a one who spends a bunch of time on the IHG program. So these are some opinion questions, but first a clarification, because I want to make sure I have this part right, as far as I could tell with the premier card and the platinum status, if you wanted to earn up to diamond, you still have to stay the number of nights or have the total span, it didn't look like platinum gave you a shortcut. The nights you went, a rewards card gave you a shortcut to getting diamond status.

Richard Kerr: No, it does not.

Ed Pizza: Okay. So opinion question and I'm scanning here. Just make sure I get the right number. I believe if you spend $40,000 on this card, then you earn diamond status.

Richard Kerr: Yeah.

Ed Pizza: I understand that 40,000 would be a big chunk of your credit card spend and so you probably wouldn't do it, but do you think that's a viable path for folks with moderately more spend than you?

Richard Kerr: If you want diamond status? Sure. Because that's 70 nights otherwise. So if you could spend 40K on the card, which I'm sure, people like you have businesses or other people that just have significant card spend, could reach out pretty quickly. It's just, it would be a unique person in my mind that really wants IHG diamond status that bad compared to spend, you could put on other cards. So it's a very reasonable spend amount to get top tier status for hotel program, especially one that now has a whole lot better benefits, but it's not something I would ever do.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. And I think my issue goes, it goes back to what you and I said last week, just about the IHG program in general, which is, it's a strong program outside of the US for redemption. It's a strong program in the US for earning, so that's sort, you got to be your mix. If you're willing to spend time at a lot of properties that are not necessarily luxury in the US, you can earn some pretty ball or vacations outside of the US. But I think the shortcoming is, and I don't know if you ever verify this was true, but you're having trouble finding any IHG properties in Hawaii.

Richard Kerr: There are no IHG properties in Hawaii.

Ed Pizza: That blew me away.

Richard Kerr: Yeah. I've looked a few times.

Ed Pizza: I can't believe there's not like a holiday in Waikiki. I'm literally typing it in while we're sitting here, because I just can't believe that's the case.

Richard Kerr: Yeah. A hole in their space for sure. And I'm sure they're aware of that.

Ed Pizza: Holiday Inn Express Waikiki. There you go. So you can stay at the holiday Inn Express in Waikiki.

Richard Kerr: I don't think that's the traditional Hawaii vacation that folks are after. But as far as the card goes, I think it's a no-brainer I picked it up years ago when it had a very large signup bonus of IHG points and then the free night certificate then was not capped. Then it became capped and I was uncapped again, but I've just, again, the free night cert, there've been several times where I've used it for like Kimpton in Boston, when my wife went up there and Kimpton would've been like 400 bucks or something crazy, right. So just paying that small annual fee is no big deal. So if you have the opportunity to pick up the card, it's obviously going to be a 5/24 consideration for you, but something well worth looking at and holding onto for the long term.

Ed Pizza: Mr. Kerr says in code Chase's 5/24 rule for those that don't remember is five, you can only apply for five cards every 24 months and that's not just chase cards. It's five any credit cards, which I found out recently includes some things that I don't even really qualify as cards. We bought a sleep number bed, and that is considered a credit card because we use, we took their 0% financing because I was like, all right, why not, 60%. I was ready to pay for the bed. But it's like, all right, if you're going to give me 0% financing for 60 months and that I don't have to give up anything else, I'll take that, but that apparently counts as one of my 5/24 slots, so.

Richard Kerr: Yeah, it wasn't fly it's open, can't open more than five cards.

Ed Pizza: Right, right, right.

Richard Kerr: In bank in last 24 months, that's really weird that chase considers that from sleep.

Ed Pizza: I know. So, and then just to clarify for folks, because I thought this was interesting and I didn't realize this. So I looked up the earning on this card because I started to get curious for our recording that wasn't familiar with it. So, on this post that I'm reading from Ben at one mile time, you earn 10 points per dollar for being an IHG program member, if you're staying at IHG property, then you earn six bonus points from IHG, if you have platinum status, which you get with the card and then you're going to earn another 10 points per dollar, by paying with your IHG premier cards, you're getting 26 points per dollar on holiday and spend.

Richard Kerr: And they regularly have promotions for bonus points.

Ed Pizza: Yeah.

Richard Kerr: Do you remember the codes you could go and input on IHG, those codes still exist?

Ed Pizza: Oh.

Richard Kerr: It was like random registration things that you could find and go register for these codes and you would get thousands of bonus points off of once stay. I haven't looked at that in a long time, I need to go see if those registration codes still exist somewhere.

Ed Pizza: So I mean, for folks who want to stay to do their paid stay IHG, which I think is like the typical road warrior, the like road salesman where yo fly into a small city, rent a car, drive to two or three places and fly home from somewhere else, like this could work. I think the other categories on the card are not super inspiring. So you get five points per dollar on travel gas stations and dining, which isn't horrible. But I don't view IHG points as super valuable. Like the only time I've ever, there were a couple times I had to transfer chase points, ultimate rewards points to IHG for like upward. My family from in Canada is fairly rural and the only properties in the area there were Hilton and there was a Holiday Inn, and I didn't want to pay the rate because we were, they needed two rooms a whole bit.
And so I knew it wasn't the greatest redemption, but I transferred from multiple reward points IHG and I knew that one to one ratio because of what the value of an IHG point was just, it hurt, so I like the fact that the card offers three points per dollar on base spending. I think that's reasonably fair. I feel like five point... If the base level's going to be three points per dollar for everyday spend, it feels a bit weak for, to say, put my guess in dining on it, like I think you do much better on something like American Express Cold.

Richard Kerr: Yeah. But then again, for the majority of people in the US that have one or two credit cards, if somebody's all in on IG, then I think, you can rack up a lot of points on the IG card. But if you're not a hundred percent all in on IHG, I don't think it's the daily spend card.

Ed Pizza: Right. And I think that, like you and I talk about this all the time that the people in the hobby of points of miles have, tons and tons of cards. I think the majority of people listing have a couple, or at most, a couple, two, three... As you say, a lot of folks, we talk to have one. So I think it'd be, this would be a tough one if the only card as Richard said, you'd have to really want to hit IHG hard as your primary chain. And I think it's just tough to do that, if a decent number of your vacations are going to be in the US, you won't have access to top or tier properties. If you're somebody who wants to go to the main tourist spots, Florida, Phoenix, like warm weather, vacations, beachy spots, you'll find IHG properties, no question. They just won't, they'll be more family-oriented properties than they will be like top tier resorts. You handful of Intercon that are nice in the US, but it's more of a family brand in the US.

Richard Kerr: We actually have to go down Panama city in a couple weekends. And I think there's a Holiday Inn resort on the beach right there. I need to take a look and see.

Ed Pizza: Yeah, that's a typical like that's like right up their alley. And so those things can folks have kids that those can be great. And if you're earning 26 points per dollar for your work stays, you're going to get a bunch of family vacations for free. We should do that math, but I would imagine, you could earn a week at a place like that holiday and property and destiny you were talking about, Panama City, you were talking about pretty easy at 26 points per dollar earning.

Richard Kerr: Yeah. Something to consider for sure.

Ed Pizza: So you have a flight coming up, you got to get your butt out of here soon. Where you, who are you flying home?

Richard Kerr: Flying Delta home.

Ed Pizza: Oh, so you are 37th on the upgrade list.

Richard Kerr: Yeah. Oh actually we should take a look right now. Let's yeah, no chance, man. Like I've I have gotten one upgrade on Delta in my professional flying career, but put on the upgrade stand list for New Orleans to Delta right now I am number 10 of 27 on the upgrade list. Oh man. Look at this.

Ed Pizza: How many seats are available?

Richard Kerr: I have been given a comfort plus seat.

Ed Pizza: What? Oh no, no, no, no. Hold on. You've been upgraded to-

Richard Kerr: I haven't been upgraded. No, it's not an upgrade I've been given.

Ed Pizza: No, no, it is upgrade.

Richard Kerr: I've been given a plus seat. I've I have not cleared a comfort plus seat in three years and I just happened to pull it up right now.

Ed Pizza: Is it a middle one or did you actually get a sitting preference?

Richard Kerr: A little aisle or window only looks like I'm in an aisle seat on 10 D so, wow. That's weird that we look at that and I'm finally clear. So I'm still 10 of 27 on the first class up inaudible so obviously no chance, but wow, I open it up and I clear a comfort plus seat, so I get a little bit of leg room for the big fella here, so

Ed Pizza: Yeah, that's a nice short flight.

Richard Kerr: Yeah. It's like an hour.

Ed Pizza: Yeah.

Richard Kerr: Going with the wind. It's not even an hour-

Ed Pizza: And what's the drive because one of our bloggers actually left last night, like 10:30 and was driving back to Atlanta.

Richard Kerr: That's terrible.

Ed Pizza: Yeah.

Richard Kerr: Don't do that. Yeah. It's probably nine or 10 hours.

Ed Pizza: Yeah, it was Brian Cohen, the gate. He's like, all right, good night. When are you heading home? He's like, oh no, we're going now. Like really?

Richard Kerr: So when are you going to take the RV back down here? Shout out Michael McKee, if you guys don't follow points with you on Instagram or read points with you. Michael was one of the nicest guys in the space. He lives here in New Orleans. We played golf on Wednesday, when I got in, he came to the Freddy's last night. Love meeting everybody, but we're going to take the RV back down here. His wife, Ashley's absolutely lovely. They got a little one year-old son and we're going to definitely be back down this way to because there's just a lot of cool stuff to see around New Orleans. And we're going to head out the Texas to see my sister and buddy summer. So we'll be making the road trip down here to New Orleans this summer and I'm looking forward to it.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. And a couple quick data point for those who are just wondering what travel's like, especially for folks who have elite status, I flew United down and I'll fly American back. I have one case status on United. I have just platinum on American. I should be platinum pro by the end of the month. And then on my way to executive platinum, based on how easy it is to spend money or loyalty points. But for my United flight down, it was the first complimentary upgrade I've cleared in 2022

Richard Kerr: As a one K

Ed Pizza: As a one K.

Richard Kerr: It is unbelievable.

Ed Pizza: Yeah. And I bought a few seats, so it's not on my flights. Like to be clear, I bought some first class seats when the price was right. This one was 180 bucks. Block time to New Orleans is just about two hours. And so like I was figured and I could suck up two hours on my iPad because the 16 inch MacBook pro that I got the new MacBook pros, which are just the-

Richard Kerr: Most, really big, the open on an airplane.

Ed Pizza: It's really big open airplane. It's the best laptop I've ever owned. So I figured like for 180 bucks, I'm just going to work on my iPad in coach, but somebody canceled and it was already booked light. And so I cleared on the way down. We will not have any data points for the flight home on whether or not I would've cleared the American upgrade as a platinum because they offered me $90 upgrade for the two plus hour flight at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. And that just said, I can get the single aisle seat because it's a regional jet. So if for 90 bucks I am going to get an awesome power nap tomorrow morning, and then I'm going to get off the plane and make a dead sprint to my daughter's track me, shout out to miss Kat, who hit her PR last night after struggling a bit for the past month with track, she is super excited and ready for the rest of the season, so

Richard Kerr: Which race?

Ed Pizza: So she set a PR in both the four by 800 last night and then the four by 400, which is a new one for her. So they might have qualified for regionals with the four by four times, so we might be on this crazy parental thing where we start driving all around the state different weeks.

Richard Kerr: Oh God bless you. I got two soccer games waiting on me tomorrow and I got pizza tonight, tonight, so no mechanical, really Delta get at home a quick flight, get home just in time to turn a movie on, have some pizza with the kids and see what mom and the kids are doing.

Ed Pizza: Nice. I like it. Well, as I called out at the beginning of the show, we are sitting in my hotel room with a little bit of a Jerry rig system, so I hope you guys didn't mind the background noise too much leather couch I'm sitting on has made some weird noises while we've been sitting here.

Richard Kerr: Is that you or the-

Ed Pizza: Richard has made some weird noise while we've been sitting here, we are both tired. My voice sounds horrendous, but it was one, one heck of a week. Awesome to be back in person and moderately awesome to be sitting across from you podcast.

Richard Kerr: Yeah, man. Sad some folks couldn't make it, but the good news is I have a good feeling, there will be Freddy's 2023.

Ed Pizza: I know the fact that we didn't have any M and M thrown stage from Julian and summer is definitely a heartbreaker, but we will have them back on the podcast soon to recap the Freddy results. And I promise, even though I've been threatening for weeks, I promise that I will into my summer travel season and what we book so far, sooner and later and my voice I imagine will likely be recovered by next week. And it'll be my normal nerdy self for episode-

Richard Kerr: A lot less nerdy in person.

Ed Pizza: Best line of 2022 from a podcast listener. So shout out to, we've got a listener who had an idea for us for a future episode. We got a text from Zach, from North Carolina who wants us to break down premium cards on a future episode. So Mr. Kerr and I will figure out what these premium credit card things are and once we learn about them, we will bring you guys a pretty fun episode on that, all that, and more it until we upload again, we've got miles to go.

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