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We’re not quite done reviewing over the recent changes United has made to their Premier 1k program. This week United Airlines expert Zach Honig from The Points Guy is back on the show to review over the increase of their Premier Qualifying Dollars requirement and devaluation of their upgrades. Jen Yellin from Deals We Like fills us in on the latest news from National Car Rental – complimentary status for everyone – no need to have top status with any other competitor! Be sure to tune in so you don’t miss out on this easy (and free) deal! We’ve also got a new type of segment this week: Ed chats with friend and author Linnea Hartsuyker on how travel influences and inspires storytelling. At the end of the interview, find out how to win a signed copy of her newest book, The Sea Queen!

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  • 3:30 – Author Linnea Hartsuyker on her new book, The Sea Queen
  • 6:45 – Which comes first: The idea for the story or the inspiration from travel?
  • 14:30 – How to win a signed copy of The Sea Queen
  • 15:30 – This week’s It’s A Big Deal: National Car Rental status offer
  • 18:45 – More on the United Premier 1k changes
  • 24:20 – Will there be more upgrades if there’s less Premier 1k members?
  • 31:00 – TF2P
Show Notes & Links

The Sea Queen by Linnea Hartsuyker

Jen’s post on National Car Rental Status Offer

Zach’s post on United Premier 1k Changes

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