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We’re stuck inside and it’s time to start dreaming!

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I lead off the show with a quick note on my thoughts about booking travel right now. Travel is something that will help our family recover, and it might just be what you need when things get back to some semblance of normal.

Today we’re tackling how to plan an African safari. If this is a trip you’re trying to plan you’ll also want to check out the last time we talked about how to plan a safari for under $100 a day.

We’re discussing the different regions of Africa where you should be focused on and we’re joined by Stefan Krasowski, who’s an expert on the region based on his extensive travels. Stefan runs the Facebook group Every Passport Stamp and you can find him blogging at Rapid Travel Chai.

Stefan also shares tips on how your Marriott Rewards and Virgin Atlantic miles to save money on unbelievable safari opportunities at some of the best national parks and game reserves Africa has to offer.

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