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Ed’s got an extended interview with Brett Snyder, AKA Cranky Flier. Founder of Cranky Concierge, Brett’s an expert in air travel solutions, having worked for airlines such as USAir and United. His insider experience offers great insight on why travelers are now paying for things like preferred seating or basic economy. They even tackle the topic of hidden city booking and the measures airlines are taking to crack down on frequent offenders. Jen Yellin from Deals We Like has the scoop on the latest hotel brand to offer a status match promotion.

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4:11 – The problem that is preferred seating fees

6:20 – The lowdown on basic economy fares

13:50 – The history behind economy plus and upselling seats in coach

17:10 – American’s new “policy” for rebooking delayed or cancelled flights

24:15 – “Hidden City” ticketing and new ways airlines are cracking down

34:05 – Wyndham’s new status match promotion

38:49 – TF2P

Show Notes & Links

Brett’s blog on preferred seating

Brett’s blog on basic economy

Brett’s blog on hidden city ticketing

Cranky Flier

Cranky Concierge

Jen’s blog on Wyndham’s status match


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