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If you haven’t tuned in to the Award Travel 101 Podcast, their host Richard Kerr was recently Bonvoy’d. Well, turns out that this week was Ed’s turn to feel some stings from a loyalty program. The culprit this time? United. Ed dives into the whole mess and how he lost 9 hours on the phone and is over 170,000 miles lighter. Jen Yellen from Deals We Like has an awesome promotion from MasterCard to get a discount on Airbnb Excursions – even if you’re not staying in an Airbnb! Seth Millerfrom PaxEx.Aero and the Dots, Lines and Destinations podcast chats with Ed about all things new US airlines getting more slots at Haneda International Airport!


Success! Big Savings with AirBnB Experiences

Delta, United Win Big in Haneda Slot Allocation

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